Sofia Nogueira Negwer

Nogueira Negwer is part of the curatorial Team of the non-profit exhibition project
Fonda and a scholarship holder of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes). 

Sofia Nogueira Negwer’s work focuses on narrating the feminine body and conscious. Reflecting on male dominated visual spaces and focusing heavily on personal matters past and present, the artist investigates the inner workings of the feminine by translating them into dreamscapes charged with symbolism and achieving a balance between earnest introspectiveness and self-aware irony, the private and the political and exploring modi of perception and being perceived. 

Shores More Than Others, Fonda, Venice 11/22
- Blind Spot, Treffpunkt e.V., Leipzig 09/22
Remembering the wrong things, Plast, Leipzig 08/22
- Familiar Forms, Garage Ost, Leipzig 05/22
- Phantasmic Riff, Untere Augartenstraße 26, Vienna 02/22
- bis ganz bald, Fonda, Leipzig 09/21
The Crossdresser & the Phoenix , NEVVEN Gallery, Gothenburg 08/21
- Between Shelters, Nudelfabrik, Zeitz 07/21
- Never Ending Stories, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig 06/21
- Rei Uno Pt.2, Burg, Munich 12/19
- Rei Uno Pt.1, Burg, Munich 08/19


Text by Carla Huttenloher